The AAF is the only industry wide advertising organization. There are many groups within the advertising profession that represent various parts of the industry; they include broadcasters, newspaper publishers, direct mail, advertising agencies. But, only the American Advertising Federation represents all aspects of the advertising industry on a local, regional and national basis.
If you’re in advertising, it’s in your best interest to become part of this organization.Headquartered in Washington, DC, with a West Coast office in San Francisco, the AAF is made up of 52,000 advertising professionals in 220 clubs, 220 college chapters and 145 corporations. The AAF is geographically organized into 3 regions and 15 Districts. The AAF represents you on a national level by advancing the interests of the advertising industry through government relations, public, professional education and recognition of excellence in advertising.

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I am the Marketing Director for a Southern Homes, a local home builder.
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